Saulo Ribeiro: It Isn’t Just About Techniques

While a significant part of learning jiu-jitsu is getting the proper instruction on techniques and positions, the role of your coach is much more than that.

Your instructor also guides your training according to what you need for your level. More specifically, there are a lot of different techniques out there.

Which ones should you be focusing on at your current level and your personal goals?

What motivates you at different levels?

Your instructor knows the road well and can save you literally years of wasted effort going down the wrong roads.

One of the instructors I love to listen to is fifth-degree BJJ black belt and one half of the world-famous Ribeiro brothers, Saulo Ribeiro.

“You got to define what he is in for,” says Saulo. “A white belt, what is he in for? To increase your flexibility, to increase your cardio, to lose weight, and to defend yourself.”

Saulo continues:

If the blue belt don’t tap you, you won! And then he sets himself with a goal.

Oh, you are blue belt? Now let’s see how you tap all of the white belts. Now you’ve got a chip on your shoulder. And then you kind of baby step him so what he is going to accomplish. And that is what Jiu-jitsu University did, the book, that’s why is the book that everybody got in hand because it is talking to you through the process of training.

People sometimes give so much information, so much information, but without the concept is an empty box. Because we all know jiu-jitsu, you know jiu-jitsu, everybody knows jiu-jitsu. And with the internet and all this, everybody has access to positions to everything. What about the mindset?

Why is the guy doing that? What about a little bit left and not a little bit right? What do you have to accomplish here? What is the setup?

That’s the spice. That’s the poison that make it interesting. The poison plus personality plus a style equals effectiveness.

Check out “Rolled Up episode 45 With Saulo and Xande Ribeiro Part 1” below:


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