Show The Art To Offer Free Superfights Twice A Month To Give Local Athletes The Spotlight

The minds behind the Finishers sub-only tournaments have come up with a new way to bring exciting jiu-jitsu to the masses while helping talented local athletes get their names out there.

“We essentially wanted to put on a small show, risk free, where local athletes can get a quick match in, with any rules they want, without all the fluff of a big event,” says promoter Abraham Awad.

The idea is simple: Every other Friday, two or three superfights featuring local grapplers will be held, and the matches will be streamed live (and for free) on YouTube. The competitors will be able to pick their own rule set and decide whether they want to compete gi or no-gi. In exchange for competing, the athletes get the exposure that comes with the match being promoted on social media and streamed live.

“This can help these lesser known athletes gain some more notoriety and respect to be able to make it to ‘the big show’ so to speak,” says Awad. “It’s all for the athletes — to help them.”

The inaugural superfight event will take place tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST and feature Renzo Gracie grappler Damien Anderson vs Kyvann Gonzalez. Athletes who are interested in competing in future events should contact the Show the Art team, but the organizers will also reach out to grapplers they’d like to see in the superfights. Even though tonight is the first event, a waiting list has already formed, so if you have what it takes to put yourself out there, message the promoters as soon as possible.

Those interested in watching the superfights should check out the Show the Art YouTube channel, where the matches will be streamed live. Don’t miss it!


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