The Most Important Sequence In BJJ

BJJ has a glossary of hundreds of individual techniques. It is useful to chain the individual techniques together into sequences where one position logically follows another in a progression.

Example : takedown > pass the guard > secure side mount > kimura submission

With me so far?

Okay, now let me ask you: “What is the most important sequence of positions and techniques on BJJ?” Double guard pull to berimbolo and advantage for near sweep?


In this author’s opinion it is a sequence that is beautifully explained in the must see documentaries “Gracie’s In Action” volumes one and two. It’s a sequence that is proven in countless street, grappling, and MMA fights: closing the distance to clinch to takedown to mount to back and a rear naked choke finish.

Here is a breakdown of how it’s done:

1) Closing the distance to clinch.

In this video, you’ll see how to keep proper distance from strikes and then close the distance to get to the clinch.

2) Double underhook to outside trip.

If you only learned one takedown in BJJ, this would be it. Basic and effective.

3) Taking the back and flattening the opponent out.

Take mount and catch the back when the opponent turns. We see fighters giving their back all the way from untrained street fighters to UFC Championship fights.

4) The rear naked choke.

The #1 successful finishing hold in all of MMA and countless real street fights. I like the details this instructor shows.


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