State Athletic Commission Halts Sparring Match Between Tara LaRosa And Internet Troll

Photo Source: McDojoLife

In yet another massive roadblock to the highly anticipated match between MMA fighter Tara LaRosa and internet troll Kristopher Zylinski, the Florida state athletic commission has stepped in and stopped the scheduled sparring match right before it began.

The stoppage is the latest in a series of unfortunate events that have occurred since McDojoLife first announced they wanted to host a sparring match between a female MMA fighter and Zylinski, who had previously asserted that he (and any man) could defeat even a trained female fighter. Both the first chosen fighter and the second had to pull out due to eye injuries, and LaRosa is the third fighter to be selected for the match.

McDojoLife shared a live video on their Facebook page just after 6:00 pm EST describing the predicament.

Posted by Mcdojolife Live on Saturday, January 6, 2018

Both Zylinski and LaRosa showed up, and everyone involved is still hoping to somehow make this match happen. But obviously, no MMA event is worth getting arrested over.

We’ll continue to provide updates on this saga. Fingers crossed that this match can still happen sometime in the near future!



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