Urgent Call For Replacement Female MMA Fighter To Fight Internet Troll After Anna Dempster Suffers Torn Retina

Photo Source: Anna Dempster/ Facebook

In an upsetting turn of events for those who had been following the story of Anna Dempster vs. Internet Troll, an injury has prevented the female MMA fighter from being able to fight against Kristopher Zylinski at their scheduled match on January 6.

Dempster posted about the injury on her Facebook page Thursday morning:

“Words cannot describe how disappointed I am. During training, I got kneed in the eye ball, partially tearing my retina. Everything is good now, had an emergency opthomology appt and they were able to fix what needed to be fixed. However l, to my dismay, I will not be the one to put that piece of shit bigot troll in his place. While I am disappointed I am not the one to do the honors, I have full confidence in the sub they have chosen. 
Plus, now I get to wear a sweet eye patch. 
Ps, if you have any negative comments, keep them to yourself. No one is more disappointed that myself.”

The post was accompanied by a photo of Dempster wearing an eye patch to protect her torn retina.

McDojoLife, the Facebook page that set up the fight, is determined to still make the match happen, and they’ve put out a call for other qualified and interested female fighters to message them if they’d be interested in being Dempster’s replacement. Interested fighters must be 160 lbs and have a significant MMA record (Dempster, as an amateur, is 7-0).

The fighter who is chosen will have her flight and accommodation covered in Florida and receive $1,000 regardless of the outcome of the fight.

Interested fighters should contact McDojoLife on Facebook.


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