The Air Force Hero Who Used ‘Basic’ Jiu-Jitsu To Disarm A Gunman Has A Movie Directed By Clint Eastwood

Some of us know the name Spencer Stone. If you don’t he is the air force hero who used what he described as “very, very basic” jiu-jitsu to disarm a gunman on a train to Paris.

Now, Spencer is going to have a movie about his heroism — and it’s directed by none other than one of the legends of the motion picture industry himself, Mr. Clint Eastwood!

The 15:17 To Paris is set to hit theaters on February 9.  Based on the trailer below, the movie isn’t simply about Spencer disarming the gunman on the train, but about his life before the event — getting pushed around in school, his time in the air force, and his study of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Though viewers only get about a second’s worth of BJJ footage in the trailer, Spencer credits the Gracie art for helping him survive the ordeal he went through on his way to Paris.

In an interview with the Air Force Times, Stone said:

I 100 percent believe that Brazilian jiujitsu saved my life at that moment. Every move I used on him was very, very basic — you can learn in five minutes. If we had a course like that in the Air Force for people to learn basic moves, it could help anyone in a situation like that.

Clint Eastwood is, of course, no stranger to movies about fight sports or heroes. The legendary actor and director has not only portrayed various types of heroes in his movies, but has directed movies such as Million Dollar Baby, which was about a female boxer.

You can check out the trailer for The 15:17 To Paris below.


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