Steve Watts, MMA Fighter, Is in the Fight of His Life.


This is my friend, Steve Watts, in one of his MMA fights:

Here is Steve Watts jamming out in his band:

Here is Ronda Rousey reaching out to Steve Watts:

Fellow Jiu-Jitsu Warriors,

Here is the Give Forward Account for Steve Watts.

Give Forward Campaign For Steve Watt’s Spinal Treatments

Steve is in the fight of his life, fighting back from total paralysis from the neck down, and severed spinal cord.

I promise you that Steve is doing everything within his power to win this fight.

The medical treatments are expensive,

and of course the promoter who ran the MMA event in which Steve became paralyzed had no medical event insurance,

even though he ran the fight night as a for profit event.

Please consider helping a fellow warrior come back from a horrible injury, that could of happened to any of us:

The good news is the spinal center reports that Steve’s spine does still have at least one neural pathway that is sending signals up and down his spine.

The challenge will be:
(1) to raise the funds to keep Steve at the paralysis and spinal therapy specialty center that actually has a shot at helping him, and
(2) For Steve to keep his current pace up with going through that therapy.

We have recently had exciting news!

Steve got a call last night from the Miami project to be one of 20 people to participate in a stem cell experiment.

Half of the people will not receive treatment as the control group of the study.

The other half will have their spine opened up and human neural cells directly placed into the spine.

Let’s hope Steve does NOT get placed into the control group for that clinical trial!!!

Again, here is the link to Steve Watts Give Forward account, no donation is too big or too small.
Please donate something to a fellow warrior who is doing everything they can on their own,
And please share his story and Give Forward link:

Give Forward Campaign For Steve Watt’s Spinal Treatments

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