#SubmittheStigma Black Belt Erin Herle Victorious in MMA Debut

More good news for people who love seeing BJJ to MMA transitions. Black belt and advocate Erin Herle, a protege of both “Cobrinha” and Team Alliance, came out swinging in her mixed martial arts debut last night, winning via ref’s stoppage as she ground and pounded her opponent. Herle defeated Alandria Brown in Long Beach, CA.

Herle is best known as a passionate advocate for and founder of Submit the Stigma, an advocacy movement working to improve support and understanding for practitioners working through mental illness. You may have also seen her Fight Tips posts on the social medias:

Herle has been a black belt for two years. Her accomplishments on grappling mats include winning the IBJJF Asian Open in 2018, South American Championships in 2017, the No-Gi Worlds at brown belt, and the European Open at brown belt.


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