16-Year-Old Tye Ruotolo Gets the F2W Victory Over Vagner Rocha

If you were wondering what the answer to “can 16-year-old Tye Ruotolo defeat the terrifying Vagner Rocha” was, it’s in. He can. Didn’t manage a submission over one of the most deadly men in combat sports, Vagner Rocha, but earned a unanimous decision from the judges at last night Fight 2 Win Eastbay event last night.

A brief recap on why this match was a big deal, ICYMI:

“Ruotolo is no ordinary teenager. The Atos athlete and his twin brother Kade have been training since they were just three years old, meaning that they have thirteen years of jiu-jitsu experience to use to their advantage. They’ve already established themselves as two of the top rising stars in grappling, and Tye in particular shot his own star even higher at the end of September, when he made it all the way to the semifinals at ADCC. He told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that the experience has changed his life “a lot.”

Other big winners for the night included Jaime Canuto (over Edwin Najmi), Josh Hinger (over Murilo Santana), and Marcos Torregrosa (over Masters welterweight challengers Sean Nikmorad). A complete list of results can be found here:

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