Nate Diaz Smashes UFC Retirement Rumors: “I’ll Fight Tonight”

Image Source: Nate Diaz via Instagram

The man himself has spoken. After a week of post-BMF Belt speculation about whether Nate Diaz is considering retirement, the UFC star is clarifying where he’s at. “Who said I was retired?” Diaz told ESPN. “I’ll fight tonight.”

It was a short caption on social media that triggered retirement chatter, posted by Diaz with the line “Peace out fight game” as a cryptic cap:

Diaz has only recently returned to the cage after almost three years away, and has never been one to spend his off-time idle, so the theory he might be done with the chaos of the UFC didn’t seem too far fetched. When Dana White appeared to shut down the possibility of a rematch between Diaz and BMF-belt winner Jorge Masvidal, questions arose about where Diaz’s fight career could logically go next. “Peace out” seemed to answer that, indirectly.

As one of the most exciting and authentic characters in an increasingly curated mixed martial arts industry, no one wants to see Diaz go anywhere–and a lot of people really do want the BMF rematch. So his confirmation retirement is not on the table is good news.

“I’ll fight forever,” Diaz told EPSN.


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