Subversiv 4 Results: Team Atos Defeats Team Level Black To Claim Championship

Subversiv 4 saw a long, exciting evening of team-based jiu-jitsu matches as sixteen teams of three competitors each went head-to-head to see who would be crowned champion.

After Studio 84 claimed third place in the consolation round, Team Level Black (comprised of Elisabeth Clay, William Tackett, and Kody Steele) went up against Team Atos (Rafaela Guedes, Lucas Barbosa, and Andy Murasaki) in the finals.

Finals – Team Level Black vs. Team Atos

Kody Steele vs. Andy Murasaki

Murasaki immediately pulled guard and began hunting Steele’s leg, with Steele defending well and ultimately managing to slip out of danger. Steele stayed low and tried to pass before sitting back for a leg lock attempt, and Murasaki stood up. Steele locked up 50/50, rolling with Murasaki as he tried to escape. Murasaki tried to counter with a toehold, but abandoned the attempt in favor of defense as Steele tried to attack the inside heel. Murasaki continued to try to roll out of Steele’s tight figure-four 50/50 control, eventually succeeding and coming on top. Steele kept Murasaki in half-guard, but Murasaki slipped through and transitioned to a d’arce and then an arm-in guillotine choke. However, time ran out before he could finish.

Murasaki was declared the winner by decision.

William Tackett vs. Lucas Barbosa

Tackett immediately pulled guard and tried to secure one of Barbosa’s legs, but Barbosa pulled himself out of danger. The two returned to the center, and Tackett went for a wristlock, which Barbosa defended by picking Tackett up and slamming him to the mat. Barbosa stayed low trying to pass, and Tackett kept him at bay with half- and quarter-guard until Barbosa finally managed to pass with a little over two minutes left. Tackett was able to re-guard, however, doing a good job defending himself against Barbosa’s pressure. At about 0:45 left, Barbosa passed and transitioned to side control, hunting for a straight arm lock that Tackett managed to escape. Tackett inverted, and the competitors entered into a leg lock battle, but neither was able to finish before the match’s end.

Barbosa took the unanimous decision win, giving Atos the second victory they needed to win the finals against Team Level Black without the necessity of a match between Elisabeth Clay and Rafaela Guedes.


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