UFC Hall vs. Silva Results: Uriah Hall Finishes Anderson Silva In Round 4

UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva marked the likely final fight of MMA legend Anderson Silva, and though he finished his career with a loss against Uriah Hall, the fight was a respectable bout with two of the best in the game.

Co-Main Event

Bryce Mitchell vs. Andre Fili

The fight started off aggressively from both fighters, each exchanging a few punches and kicks before Mitchell shot for a takedown. Fili defended against the first attempt, but Mitchell was able to get his opponent to the cage and bring him to the ground and work on passing his guard. Fili was able to escape and briefly get to his feet, but Mitchell was relentless and forced him back to the ground, ending up inside Fili’s guard. Mitchell transitioned to side control and thwarted Fili’s attempts to get the fight back to the feet, transitioning to mount. As Mitchell came down hard with elbows and punches, Fili was able to push Mitchell back to his guard. However, it was mere seconds before Mitchell was once again able to return to mount. Fili reversed the position and slipped out of a triangle attempt, but the fight only stayed on the feet momentarily before Mitchell was once again able to land a takedown. Fili kept Mitchell in his closed guard until the round ended.

Mitchell was again relentless in round two, connecting with some big strikes, but a flying knee from Fili knocked him back to the cage for a few moments. It wasn’t long before Mitchell closed the distance between himself and his opponent, clinching up as he pushed Fili against the cage. Fili escaped and worked to control the center of the cage, but Mitchell’s takedown game again proved to be too much for Fili to defend. Fili held Mitchell in a loose half-guard until Mitchell transitioned to side control, with Fili’s counter-attack being a Von Flue choke that Mitchell ultimately managed to pull his head out of. Fili kept his feet on the cage and used them to power out of Mitchell’s control, and the round ended with Fili defending a takedown attempt from Mitchell before throwing him to the ground, each throwing a few kicks before time ran out.

There were only a few strike exchanges in the beginning of round three before Mitchell again took Fili to the ground again. Fili held Mitchell in his closed guard, briefly managing to create some distance and escape before Mitchell again took him to the ground close to the cage. Fili reversed the position and returned to the feet, but Mitchell got him back down within seconds. With about a minute to go, Mitchell was stuck inside Fili’s guard, with Fili looking for submission opportunities as Mitchell rained down punches and elbows. The final round finished with a bloodied, but dominant Mitchell taking home the victory by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Uriah Hall vs. Anderson Silva

The first minute of the fight saw very little action, as the fighters felt each other out and circled each other to look for opportunities. After a few leg kicks from both fighters, Silva countered Hall’s attacks by coming forward with some big punches, forcing Hall to retreat. In the last minute of the round, Hall landed a few solid strikes on Silva, who countered with some solid combos.

The action started quickly in round two, with both fighters landing a few punches and leg kicks before the fight was briefly paused to fix the loose tape on Hall’s glove. Silva continued to dance around Hall, with each athlete throwing the occasional strike or kick, but the round ended without any finishing moves.

Round three saw more aggression from both fighters as they transitioned from one-off punches and kicks to big combos. Silva was able to chase Hall to the cage and clinch up, and with under thirty seconds to go, Hall broke free and managed to knock Silva to the ground. In the final ten seconds of the round, it looked like Hall might finish Silva then and there with a flurry of punches as Silva kept guard on the ground, but time ran out and the fight moved into round four.

Round four opened with Silva and Hall trading punches and kicks. As Silva moved to chase Hall to the cage, Hall knocked Silva down with a right hand and wasted no time in raining down punches as Silva tried to keep him away with his guard. The referee called the fight, and Hall was declared the winner by TKO at a minute and 24 seconds into the fourth round.


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