SUG 21 Results: Mason Fowler Submits Richie Martinez, Amanda Loewen Retains Title

The first Submission Underground event of the year saw successful title defenses from both the female and male absolute champions.

At SUG 21, Mason Fowler continued his dominant winning streak, this time against 10th Planet standout Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez, while Amanda Loewen defeated Roxanne Modafferi to defend the title she won late last year against Felicia Spencer.

Co-Main Event

Amanda Loewen vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Loewen jumped closed guard as Modafferi went for a takedown. Loewen worked on breaking her opponent’s posture first, then managed to underhook a leg as Modafferi went to move to her feet. Loewen then went for a triangle, and Modafferi defended immediately and threw her opponent’s legs to the side to pass her guard. Loewen briefly managed to recover guard by turtling up and inverting, but Modafferi again got past her legs. Loewen recovered closed guard with about a minute left. Though Loewen tried to bump Modafferi over for a sweep and Modafferi tried a last-second attempt to pass, the match moved into overtime.

Loewen won the coin toss, but deferred to Modafferi, who started OT in the spiderweb. Though Modafferi made a good attempt at an armbar, Loewen escaped in 28 seconds.

Loewen also began in the armbar, hooking the leg when time started. She gave Modafferi little wiggle room, and she ultimately got the arm extended for the tap in 59 seconds.

Amanda Loewen was declared the winner by armbar in OT and retained her SUG absolute title.

Main Event

Mason Fowler vs. Richie Martinez

Martinez immediately pulled guard, nearly managing to sweep Fowler as the champ moved in to pass his guard. Fowler stayed low and tried to knee cut past Martinez’s guard, persistently keeping a hand on his opponent’s head. With under two minutes to go in regulation, Fowler got past Martinez’s guard to move into side control, trying to isolate an arm. The clock was winding down, and Fowler managed to break Martinez’s defensive grip to extend Martinez’s arm, getting the tap with just nineteen seconds to go in regulation.

Mason Fowler was declared the winner via armbar at 4:41 and retained his absolute championship title.

Full Results:


  • Aaron Tiegs def. Andrew Sidelinger via triangle
  • Liz Tracy def. Kirstin Mikkelson via armbar in OT
  • Don Stoner def. Phill Schwartz via fastest escape in OT
  • Joey McKay def. Andrew Alexander via rear naked choke in OT
  • Kyle Chambers def. Chase Davis via armbar in OT

Main Card:

  • Ilima-Lei MacFarlane def. Jessica Eye via armbar in OT
  • Andy Varela def. Satoshi Ishii via fastest escape in OT
  • TAG TEAM: Ricky Simon & John Simon def. Willie Audifre & Mike Currier via most submissions (3-0)
  • Amanda Loewen def. Roxanne Modafferi via armbar in OT
  • Mason Fowler def. Richie Martinez via armbar


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