SUG 22 Full Results: Mason Fowler Submits Andy Varela In OT To Retain Absolute Title

Tonight’s Submission Underground event saw male absolute champion Mason Fowler take on Andy Varela in the main event. Though the match went into overtime, Fowler only needed one round to finish the match and retain his title at SUG 22.

After some wrestling on the feet, Fowler pulled guard, and Varela wasted no time in getting on top inside his opponent’s half-guard to try to pass. As Varela pushed forward, Fowler threw up rubber guard, but Varela’s pressure and the competitors’ position against the cage limited his mobility. He transitioned back to closed guard and then got up to his feet and moved back to the center to pull guard again. In the final seconds of the match, Fowler transitioned to rubber guard again while Varela applied heavy pressure.

Overtime began with Varela on Fowler’s back, with Fowler getting his shoulders to the mat for an escape in twenty seconds. When Fowler took his opponent’s back, he triangled his legs with one leg on the inside and locked in a choke, submitting Varela nineteen seconds in the bottom of the first round of OT.

Fowler was declared the winner and retained his SUG male absolute title.



  • Nicholas Maximov def. Joaquin Holmes via rear naked choke
  • Elijah Carlton def. Lee Flores via triangle choke
  • Don Stoner def. Juan Bernardo via fastest escape in OT
  • Andrew Alexander def. Zack Schneider via triangle choke
  • Adam Smith def. Alex Larmey via armbar in OT

Main Card:

  • Gabriel Checco def. Philip Rowe via armbar in OT
  • Liz Tracy def. Gillian Robertson via armbar in OT
  • Kyle Chambers def. Bel Egli via heel hook
  • Chris Lencioni and Owen Papworth (Team SAC) def. John Simon and Ricky Simon (Team ATT) via rear naked choke in OT
  • Mason Fowler def. Andy Varela via rear naked choke in OT


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