F2W 171 Results: Vagner Rocha Defeats William Tackett In Close Match To Claim Middleweight Title

Fight 2 Win returned for another night of exciting matches at F2W 171, with the evening finishing off with the crowning of the promotion’s first female two-division champion and a close match between one of jiu-jitsu’s fastest rising stars and one of its most notorious veteran competitors.

Co-Main Event

Amanda “Tubby” Alequin vs. Gabi McComb

McComb pulled guard and immediately worked for a straight ankle lock. Alequin stayed low and tried to pass while McComb again went for a leg attack. The competitors were reset after getting too close to the edge. Alequin then went for a kneebar, and McComb escaped and then stood up while Alequin worked from guard. Alequin shot for a triangle, but McComb quickly escaped danger. McComb tried for another leg lock and ended up on the bottom with Alequin trying to pass. McComb worked her way to the top position, resulting in a brief leg entanglement battle between the athletes.

Another scramble led to McComb digging for the heel again, but Alequin escaped and came on top, trying to get past her opponent’s guard. McComb maintained good frames, though, and was ultimately able to come back on top with about three minutes left to go. Alequin inverted and then locked up a reverse triangle, where she held McComb for some time before McComb managed to escape as Alequin tried to adjust. With a minute left, McComb worked from the top, once more going for a leg and ending up on the bottom while Alequin tried to pass. Ten seconds to go, and Alequin attempted a d’arce choke that ultimately couldn’t finish the match before time ran out.

Alequin was declared the winner by split decision and claimed the F2W flyweight no-gi title. As the bantamweight champion as well, she became the first female two-division F2W champ.

Main Event

Vagner Rocha vs. William Tackett

Rocha and Tackett started off wrestling on the feet before moved into an Imanari roll and worked a heel hook attempt from guard. Rocha pressured down and escaped danger as he tried to pass Tackett’s guard. Tackett momentarily came up for a front headlock, then sat back with a shin shield in to keep Rocha at bay. Tackett managed to create enough space to move into 50/50. Rocha then went for a heel hook of his own, and Tackett managed to slip out of danger before it was too late. Rocha came up on top, and the athletes were brought back to the middle with Tackett playing guard.

Tackett went for another leg lock, and Rocha countered with an Aoke lock of his own and forced Tackett to abandon his attempt. Tackett returned to playing guard, which Rocha battled with a try at a knee slice pass. Tackett remained relentless with his leg lock attempts, with both competitors trying to get submissions from 50/50. Rocha slipped out of an inside heel hook from Tackett. Rocha then returned to working guard passes, while Tackett’s guard provided an impressive defense with strength as dexterity as the remaining time wound down. In the final ten seconds of the match, Rocha used a double-unders grip and nearly dumped Tackett on his head in his last attempt to pass before the match ended.

Vagner Rocha was declared the winner by split decision and claimed the F2W black belt middleweight title.



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