These Swedish Cops Need To Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Three cops in Sweden learned the hard way why they should learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Yesterday, a video was posted on Youtube showing three Swedish police officers trying to arrest an angry man, identified as an “asylum seeker.”

Try as they could – and even with the help of a fellow citizen – the police officers could not keep the man down. When the man began throwing something at the car’s windshield, the cops could only stand back and watch.

The video later shows the man storming away into his apartment. The police follow shortly after.

American police officers have received a lot of criticism for their aggression, particularly against African American males. These criticisms have been justified at times, but is Sweden’s method the answer? Is there a happy medium between police brutality and the type of helplessness and timidity displayed in this video?


  1. In the end they go that criminal. All he was doing while the three female officers watched was increasing his criminal charges list. American officers should follow a similar protocol especially when the criminal has no apparent firearms. Instead they happily pull their firearms whether they intend to shoot or not. Both ways result in the criminal being apprehended, one ensures complete public safety.


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