Alexandre Vieira Slaps Erberth Santos At IBJJF, Later Apologizes

Multiple-time IBJJF and UAEJJF World Champion Erberth Santos dealt with an aggressive sore loser, and he took it like a champ.

Santos took on no-gi World Champion Alexandre Vieira. Erberth got top control, transitioning from side mount, to north-south, to knee on belly early in the round. Vieira managed to get his opponent off, but Santos passed Alexandre’s open guard easily and went back into side control.

Vieira then tried to turtle up, but Santos took his back and drove his hooks in. When Erberth yanked Alexandre back, Vieira tapped almost immediately.

You can watch the match below:

Rio Fall…Erberth Santos passeia e adversário não aguenta a pressão e parte pra agressão…Coisa feia…

Posted by Jiu Jitsu: Breaking Barriers on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Alexandre Vieira was clearly not happy with his loss. Within seconds after tapping, Vieira tried to get up in Santos’ face. The referee got in between them, but Alexandre still managed to get his arm around so he could smack his opponent.

Erberth didn’t seem bothered a bit, though. In fact, he didn’t even look in his opponent’s direction. He just calmly walked around the mat, jokingly pointing at his opponent and basking in his victory.

The referee tried to bring the two to the center of the mat so he could raise Santos’ hand, but Alexandre wanted no part of it. Instead, he paced around in a circles, beating his chest and complaining.

It was certainly not an ideal show of sportsmanship for Alexandre Santos, but in his defense, he apologized for his behavior.

Bom galera,postarmos aqui o vídeo em que há um desentendimento na luta entre Erberth Santos x Alexandre Vieira na semifinal do #absoluto NoGi do Rio Fall…Segue aqui o vídeo em que o Alexandre Vieira fala sua versão para o ocorrido e pede desculpas pela conduta…Muito importante !!!

Posted by Jiu Jitsu: Breaking Barriers on Sunday, April 2, 2017


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