Take ‘Em Down Sambo Style with “The Fire Extinguisher” or Te-Guruma

MMA and Sambo specialist Vlad Koulikov has been popping up in videos that marry jiu-jitsu and Sambo for several years now. Now a tristate area guy in the States, he’s originally from Moscow where his grappling training began at a young age. This set him up spectacularly to be the guy breaking down imported Sambo instructionals for us limited American grapplers who tend to only speak one language.

Here, Koulikov narrates for World Champion Ivan Vaslchuk as “The Fire Extinguisher,” also known as te-guruma in judo, is demoed. A lateral throw, it’s perfect for gi matches or anytime you need to put your drunk friend down.

It’s especially worth watching because of how comprehensive the instruction from Vaslchuk is, covering lefty vs. righty stance variations and all the ways the takedown can go wrong if you don’t do it right.


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