Mixed Martial Arts Matchups: BBJ VS SAMBO

Mixed Martial Arts matches are always interesting when they occur. While, there were always MMA fights some 20 years ago, the same cannot be said for MMA artists. Tournaments like the Martial Arts Reality Superfighting Tournament were BBJ VS SAMBO events that featured BJJ fighters on one side and SAMBO on the other. One classic BJJ VS SAMBO fight occurred on November 22, 1996 in Birmingham (Alabama) between Oleg Taktarov and Renzo Gracie. The matchup did not fail to excite patrons. Taktarov was an entire 28 pounds heavier than Gracie, and yet it was Gracie who would turn out the winner at the end of the night after swiftly rebounding from an attempted takedown by Taktarov. Gracie, who was back on his feet in no-time, responded with a fast coup de grace punch which eventually led to the stoppage of the match.


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