Technique Thursday: Rousey VS Davis Preview

With Ronda Rousey preparing to fight Alexis Davis this weekend, it’s only natural that we take a look at the two and their grappling styles for today’s technique. Our video come courtesy of BJJ Scout for this preview.

The video walks us through a few aspects of each fighter’s game. It points out that Alexis has never lost back control once she’s gained it. A prior weakness of Ronda’s had been to give up the back. However, Scout points out how Rousey adapted her game to avoid giving up her back in her fight with McMann, a former Olympic Wrestler.

We also see Rousey’s weaknesses from within someone’s guard; one of Davis’s strong points.  That said, we also see that Davis struggles in keeping her back off of the cage, one of Rousey’s strong points. From what we can see from the video, there are numerous techniques to be studied and gained from both fighters.

Some argue that Davis is the strongest grappler that Rousey has faced yet. While seeing detailed breakdowns in this video, I am hard-pressed to disagree. Watch it, learn what you can from it, and let me know, who will win this Saturday?



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