Technique Thursday: Seeking the Von Flue

With last night’s finish on The Ultimate Fighter, it seems only appropriate that we discuss the Von Flue choke today. Since Ovince St. Preux put Nikita Krylov to sleep with the Von Flue choke at UFC 171 last month, Youtube has exploded with video tutorials on how to do the choke. I watched many of them, but left feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Most of these videos simply described it as a technique that one stumbles upon when an opponent is too inexperienced or dumb to let go of a guillotine when they ought to.

However, there was one video that demonstrated the Von Flue as a submission that could actively be sought out (and from more positions than just side control). That video comes from James Clingerman of the Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Though the video is longer than most, it contains the most detail I’ve ever witnessed regarding this seemingly simple choke. It shows the basic positioning at the start, but the true magic starts at around the 2:17 mark. Give it a watch and make sure to add this to your arsenal in the future.




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