The Craziest Guillotine Choke You’ll Ever See!

There have been well over a million guillotine choke attempts, successful and unsuccessful alike, but there is only one guillotine that is abovex all others as the Tightest Guillotine in MMA history. Lets travel back in time to 2007 and the now defunct International Fight League (IFL) and meet two MMA fights, Dan Miller and Dave Phillips. Phillips does what any wrestler would do in the fight, he went for a takedown and Miller caught him in a guillotine choke. What makes this choke the best ever is that as Miller applied the choke, Phillips head and neck was twisted at an inhuman angle and the fighter eventually went out from the pressure of the choke. Miller would go onto the UFC and have an amazing career n the promotion, but nothing will be remembered throughout his career as much as the tightest guillotine choke of all time.


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