The Guy Who Taps In This Fight Is Not The One You’d Expect

A fight between Mateus Santos and Alexandr Volodin at Open FC 2 ended with a submission in under a minute, but as it turns out, a lot of fans were waiting for the wrong guy to tap out.

After a few strikes were exchanged in the beginning of the fight, Volodin went to his back, throwing up a loose triangle and then quickly extending the trapped arm. He then bent the arm back for an omoplata, and it seemed like Santos was in trouble. In just moments, though, Volodin tapped out, looking to be in considerable pain.

Here’s the full fight:

It’s tough to see what happened from the original angle, but a different view provides some answers.

Santos used his head as a fulcrum as he bent his opponent’s toes. The submission was officially deemed a calf slicer, but it also works as a toehold.

With the win, Santos improved his record to 15-6 and moved up to the semifinals in the Open FC bantamweight grand prix.


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