Zuluzinho Celebrates Prematurely After Knocking Down Opponent, Loses Fight Via Decision

Former Pride FC fighter Zuluzinho (a.k.a. Wágner da Conceição Martin) experienced a roller coaster of emotions at an AMC Fight Nights bout last night against the 5-0 Yusup Shuaev.

Just as round one came to a close, Zuluzinho landed a right hand that knocked Shuaev to the ground. The referee jumped in to stop the action as Zuluzinho closed in to finish the job, and the Brazilian fighter celebrated, collapsing onto the floor in joy because he believed he’d finished the fight. The problem, however, was that the referee had called a stop to the fight not because Zuluzinho had won, but because the round had ended.

Unfortunately for Zuluzinho, the fight was far from over, and over the next two rounds, Shuaev was active enough to convince the judges to call the fight in his favor, earning him a majority decision victory.

The loss snapped Zuluzinho’s three-fight winning streak and was, no doubt, all the more disappointing after such a grand moment of excitement earlier in the fight.


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