The IBJJF Will Conduct Anti-Doping Tests At No-Gi Worlds This Year

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

The IBJJF has announced that they will be conducting anti-doping tests at No-Gi Worlds this December, as first reported by FloGrappling.

The occasion marks the first time that the organization will test competitors at a no-gi event. However, they have previously tested select black belt athletes at gi events, such as the World Championship.

The IBJJF will once again be working with USADA to conduct the tests, adhering to the anti-doping agency’s strict rules. Although they are not an official signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the IBJJF’s statement on the anti-doping portion of their website (which can be read in its entirety here) states that they will adhere to WADA’s Prohibited List of banned substances.

While there’s no word on why the IBJJF has taken the step to test athletes at No-Gi Worlds this year, the conversation surrounding jiu-jitsu athletes and performance-enhancing substances has been buzzing in recent months. Recently, 2019 ADCC competitor Jena Bishop took a stand on the matter by paying for her own test to prove to other athletes and her followers that she would be competing clean.

Thus far, there’s no news on if or when the IBJJF will be conducting similar tests for the rest of their events.


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