UFC Veteran Eliot Marshall Added To ADCC Roster After Tex Johnson Moves Down To -99kg

Image Source: Eliot Marshall via Instagram

Eliot Marshall is the newest addition to the ADCC competitor list following an announcement this morning by ADCC figurehead Mo Jassim.

Marshall will be taking Aaron “Tex” Johnson’s place in the +99kg division; Johnson has moved down to the -99kg division for the Championship.

Marshall is a BJJ black belt and highly respected coach out of Easton Training Center in Colorado, but even though his main focus is now teaching others, he still finds time to compete in jiu-jitsu. He’s also a UFC veteran and went 10-4 in his professional MMA career.

The +99kg division is filled with some of this year’s toughest competition, and Marshall will be among competitors like Buchecha, Orlando Sanchez, Joao Gabriel Rocha, Yuri Simoes, and Kaynan Duarte. His addition to the mix will thicken the competitive field even more.


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