The Important “First Step” Of Learning Martial Arts That Many People Ignore

What’s the first big challenge you had to face when you first started learning jiu-jitsu? Many people remember the struggle of their first technique or even their first tap, but how can they even get that far if they haven’t opened their minds up to everything they have yet to learn on the mats?

Most of us have either been or met someone who came into the gym with a closed mind. Maybe they were embarrassed at their lack of knowledge, or they might have been one of the infamous people who’s “won all their street fights” and thinks they know more than the instructor. These people can be hard to deal with, but as a coach, it’s up to you to handle that before they ruin the experience either for themselves or others.

In this video, “Chewy” of ChewJitsu shares his approach for dealing with students who walk into the gym thinking that they can’t learn anything from jiu-jitsu classes. If you’re at a loss for how to deal with the close-minded students that come into your gym, try his advice and see how it works out for you:


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