The Most Famous Choke In BJJ History Is…

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Those who follow professional team sports will engage in spirited debates about the greatest running back of all time in the NFL or which NBA center was the GOAT. What is the single greatest catch in Superbowl history? What World Cup goal was the most memorable?

If we turned the conversation towards BJJ and the question was, “What is the most memorable choke in BJJ history?” what would be your answer?

I’m going to “submit” (yes, pun intended) a few videos for your consideration that stand out as the most memorable chokes of all time.

Robert Drysdale’s Anaconda choke on Marcelo Garcia in the finals of the ADCC 2007 Absolute

When I ask most other black belts who they like to study, they most often answer “Marcelo” – no last name necessary. It is remarkable that Garcia was submitted in the finals by Drysdale who caught lightning in a bottle that day at ADCC and got an Anaconda choke on arguably the greatest P4P grappler ever.

Eddie Bravo upsets Royler Gracie with triangle

A brown belt at the time, unheralded Eddie Bravo shocked the BJJ world by submitting one of the most dominant competitors of all time, legend Royler Gracie in the 2003 ADCC Brazil.

Can you think of a submission in BJJ competition that put an unknown competitor’s name on the map so suddenly? Bravo’s innovative Rubber Guard suddenly became known by grapplers all over the BJJ world.

Wallid Ismail puts Royce Gracie to sleep

Team rivalries were fierce in Rio de Janeiro back in the early days of BJJ competition and “Human Pitbull” Wallid Ismail of the Carlson Gracie Team had a superfight against the most famous jiu-jitsu fighter in the world at the time, Royce Gracie who had gained fame by submitting everyone in the first 2 UFCs.

The rumors in Brazil had been that despite Royce’s success in the UFC, he was not among the very best jiu-jitsu fighters in Brazil.

Wallid put it on the line against Royce at the “Oscars of Jiu-jitsu” in Rio and click choked Royce to sleep in what was a huge shocker at that time.

Which choke in BJJ competition history gets your vote for most famous choke of all time?


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