Tito Ortiz Says He Wants To Work In Law Enforcement

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is now considering a career in the police force.

In an interview with TMZ, the fighter gave cops heavy praise and expressed his desire to work in law enforcement. When asked if he truly intended to make the career transition, Ortiz said, “I plan on it, it just depends on what ranking I want to do. Do I want to be a sheriff or do I want to be a police officer? I haven’t really made my decision yet.”

Ortiz explained his rationale, expressing his support for police officers and saying that his friends in law enforcement were “excited” about the potential to have Ortiz in the industry.

Ortiz has shared multiple conspiracy theory videos, posts criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement, and posts praising the police on social media. He finished the interview by saying, “I really hope that people get it together — people understand that this is all political. This is all political, man.

You can watch the entire clip below:


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