TJ Dillashaw Comes In Wild And KO’s Cody Garbrandt In Round 2 To Become 2-Time Bantamweight Champion

TJ Dillashaw is once again the UFC Bantamweight Champion!!!

TJ took on former champ Cody Garbrandt in the co-main event of UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden.

There was no touch of the gloves between these two. Cody started out with a kick and Dillashaw returned a wild low kick. The crowd chanted “Let’s go, Cody!” Another blind kick by TJ followed by an attempted spinning back fist. High kick by Cody. Despite the boos from the crowd and being in a fight with the champ, Dillashaw kept smiling. Kick by Dillashaw but Cody returned with a huge flurry, but TJ survived it. Another low kick by TJ but Cody returned with a 1-2 and gave TJ a little warning. High kick by Dillashaw followed by another low blind kick. Garbrandt remained calm. TJ tried a clinch but Cody pummeled the body. Dillashaw landed a big right hand but Cody knocked him down in the final seconds and TJ wobbled back to his corner.

The second round started and TJ went in with some wild kicks which Cody returned with…dancing. Yes, dancing. TJ came in with a Superman punch, but nothing. Huge headkick by Dillashaw but Cody got right back up and returned with a left-right. Wild high kick by TJ but no one was home. TJ clipped Cody, swarmed him, and it’s over!!!

New UFC Bantamweight Champion: TJ Dillashaw!



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