Tom DeBlass Calls Out Keyboard Warriors And Disrespect Towards Women

Tom Deblass

As you all saw from my interview earlier today, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu owner Tom DeBlass is not a fan of bullies. And by “not a fan” I mean they make him sick to his stomach.

Minutes ago, Professor DeBlass took the time to call out another form of bullying that has gotten attention in recent years — online bullying.

While Tom doesn’t mind when these “keyboard warriors” attack him, he does have a problem when they attack others.

“The problem is not everyone can take that, you know what I mean?” Tom told viewers. “And many times, we’ve seen it before. How many kids are killing themselves?”

DeBlass isn’t joking about kids killing themselves over being bullied. In 2010, 15-year-old Phoebe Prince took her own life after months of bullying. Bullying has also caused people to take others’ lives — i.e., in the case of the Columbine massacre.

Professor DeBlasss also took the time to call out the disrespect he sees women getting online.

“Why is it okay to talk to women this way?” Tom asks, speaking of men who refer to women as the “b**ches” and “c**ts.”

He continued:

It’s crazy that so many people are trying to justify calling a woman a ‘b**ch’ or the C-word. You know what that shows me? That shows me that you people are calling your women these words. You’re calling your daughter these words, and you wonder why your women are cheating on you.

It’s not only women, either. Respect of course, is a two-way street, and Professor Tom was quick to point out that people — male and female — have to respect men, too.

Check out Professor Tom DeBlass’ full video below:

Keyboard warriors….

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Monday, September 11, 2017


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