Tom DeBlass Is Not A Fan Of Colby Covington, And He Sure As Hell Wouldn’t Press Charges If Someone Hit Him

UFC welterweight Colby Covington is not exactly making friends in the UFC. Not only has he irritated Brazilians everywhere with his derogatory comments about them, but recently his scuffle with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum resulted in Covington getting a boomerang thrown at him.

Covington later pressed charges against Werdum, a move which resulted in the champion referring to Colby as a “b*tch.”  Fabricio Werdum is scheduled to appear in a Sydney, Australia, court on December 13.

Apparently, former MMA fighter and BJJ black belt, Tom Deblass, shares Werdum’s less than favorable opinions of the welterweight. In a recent Facebook post, DeBlass expressed disgust with Covington for “running his mouth” at Werdum and then pressing charges after getting hit. He also promised that if anyone sucker punched him, they would have far bigger problems than the police knocking on their door.

To wit:

I can’t believe we are living in a world where PRO fighters are pressing charges when they get punched after they run their mouth.

I promise you one thing you can walk up to me when I am not looking and sucker punch me and I will NOT press charges.

Your door will most likely get kicked in at 3 am by 15 not so nice men but charges won’t be pressed.

I can't believe we are living in a world where PRO fighters are pressing charges when they get punched after they run…

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Covington, of course, isn’t the first UFC fighter to “talk sh*t, get hit,” then run for the police. Months ago, Angela Magana also decided to insult a Brazilian much bigger than her, UFC Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg”, and paid the price by getting popped in the mouth on camera. Magana later pressed charges, and like Covington, she was widely ridiculed for it.

You can watch the video below here:

What do you think about Tom DeBlass’ comments? Is it silly for a pro fighter to press charges after running his mouth? Did Covington deserve what he got?

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You can hear Werdum’s opinions about Covington and his court appearance here:


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