Train Like Andre Galvao

It is easy to see top level BJJ athletes and say, “That guy has a ton of natural talent.”

While the talent part is true, I have also noticed that the most talented athletes I have shared the mats with were also the most obsessed with their physical conditioning. These natural athletes work extremely hard to maximize their potential!

One of these athletes is multi-time World Champion and Atos owner, Andre Galvao.

Anyone who has paid attention to jiu-jitsu for so much as a week is familiar with Galvao. His hulking frame, his tenacity, the ease with which he flows through his movements — these are all parts of what make up the one-man wrecking machine known as Andre Galvao.

But Andre didn’t get that way simply by “nature.”

Here is what he does to make himself the competitor he is today:

Solo movements – Art Suave documentary

Andre does these solo drills to increase his stamina and loosen up his body.

Partner drilling for technique

These guys are seriously drilling their transitions. This is how you should drill!

Working out and physical conditioning

Don’t think Andre Galvao is afraid of hitting the weights. You don’t get that type of body simply by shrimping up and down mats.


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