Travis Stevens Talks About Athletes Who Ask Money On Gofundme Accounts

In a world filled with participation trophies, it is refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is and clue in their audience as to what it truly takes to be a champion at anything. In a quiet little video chat, Travis Stevens explores the need for total commitment necessary to becoming a winner in the very intense and competitive world of BJJ.

Travis takes great exception to what might charitably be called starry-eyed dreamers attempting to crowdfund their entry into a career of professional-level martial arts. Rather than express a single-minded dedication to their goal, rather than show a willingness to be humble and do whatever it takes to climb the ladder of success, he suggests that these are people who are unwilling to put a genuine effort into their quest.

Worse, they represent a drain on the limited pool of funds that could be used to support those who are truly dedicated to the pursuit of victory and not just of fame. He also has some trenchant observations to make on how athletes can afford all the latest technological toys and nice clothes but have no money for their own to pursue their own dream. For anyone who is serious about winning at anything, this is well worth a look

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