A Reader Question: “Question about people who have long hair in BJJ”

Question: “I am a 39 year old woman who started BJJ about 8 1/2 months ago. I earned my blue belt about 1 month ago.
Needless to say I am addicted!

Anyways the one issue I am having is with my hair, I know this sounds so girlie but it’s driving me crazy.
My ponytail is constantly in people’s faces and it’s always getting loosened and is a mess.
I also feel like some of the guys freak out when they are on it in the middle of rolling, like with their knee or something.
I really don’t mind or feel it too much if it’s getting pulled but I do feel like it’s a distraction.

So my question is for all the people who have long hair in BJJ, what are some styles or techniques that can help my hair stay up for at least a couple of rolls? (My hair is straight and long)
Thanks for all you guys do, I really enjoy reading all your articles (JJT: Thank you!).”

Jiu-jitsu Times: I have a military short style hair cut, so “short” on personal experience, I asked a few of my female bjj friends what do they do?

Professional MMA fighter and Bjj competitor Jenny Huang gives the following advice:
“I will put one very clear use hair ring, because if I didnt put all clear, it will always pull my hair!
If hair covers my eyes, I also use another hair ring to put on my front hair.”


Pro fighter May Ooi recommends:
” Usually I like to braid my hair very tightly. Cornrows. MMA is very different from BJJ competitions.
There is more clinching which tends to mess the hair up and when pinned against the cage jostling for position etc.

Much less complicated for BJJ competition. Most high levels female competitors braid their hair or tie it up in a tight pony tail.
No hard pins or clips should be used in the hair for safety purposes.
No hair products are allowed in MMA competitions too. Not sure if that applies to BJJ. Examples are gel, hair mousse, oil etc..”


Bjj writer and purple belt Sally Arsenault suggests “My quick advice would be to ensure the hair is tied on the top or the sides of the head to avoid discomfort at the back of the head when you’re flat on your back, I tie my bangs back with ouch proof mini elastics and then I tie that hair into pigtails which I braid.
Loose hair is difficult to deal with for your training partners because instead of moving one braid to choke you, they have to gather up a loose ponytail.
So tying your hair back isnt only for you, it’s for the convenience of your training partner as well, I feel.”
How to Care for Your Hair While Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here are 2 videos that should provide some clear instructional help:

Braiding Your Hair for BJJ class in 3 Easy Steps!

Ladies BJJ long hair hairstyle

Learning Bjj from Youtube Videos: Good or Bad?

Learning Bjj from Youtube Videos: Good or Bad?


  1. It’s hard for me to believe that after 7 months your a blue belt.And your hair is what your worried about. If I were you I would worry about getting put to sleeping by a one stripe white belt.

  2. I agree. I’m a one stripe white belt and I’ve been working for more than 7 months! As for hair, I keep my hair short, so I can’t help. The other girls just wear theirs up, regular hair bands.


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