TriStar Head Trainer Firas Zahabi Calls Out BJJ Gyms For Giving Attendance-Based Promotions

Jiu-jitsu has long been celebrated as a martial art in which students truly earn their promotions. Practitioners can take well beyond a decade to earn the coveted black belt, and even individual stripes are earned only with hard, dedicated training.

As with any sport or martial art, though, there are always some academies that have practices that “water down” what it takes to truly be great. And in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, TriStar head trainer Firas Zahabi called them out. In this clip, the John Danaher black belt throws major shade at jiu-jitsu gyms who promote their students to keep money coming in rather than because the students deserve the promotions. Take a look and see if you’ve ever trained at a gym that he’s describing:


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