UFC 206 Submission: Arm In Guillotine

Recently, at UFC 206, submission ace Misha Cirkunov tapped Nikita Krylov with a variation of an arm inside guillotine choke

A month earlier at UFC 205, Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley was unsuccessful with a different variation of this guillotine. His opponent, Stephen Thompson, was able to use the arm inside to create some space to breathe and he ultimately escaped.

Cirkunov used a different variation where the arm was trapped in between the two bodies.

Let’s take a closer look at how the submission happened.

First, Krylov attempted a single leg after eating a punch. Cirkunov sprawled and freed his leg.

Next, Cirkunov immediately jumped to his guard once he secured the grip, trapping the arm inside and using his legs to prevent Krylov from jumping to the cross side.

We can see how Krylov’s arm is trapped between the bodies. Not only is he unable to use that arm to defend the choke, but similar to a triangle choke or head-and-arm choke, he is actually being choked by his own shoulder against his neck.

Here is the choke from another angle. We can see the arm trapped and pinched against Krylov’s neck.

Krylov is forced to tap out from the pressure of his shoulder and arm being pushed into his own neck.

Great guillotine variation by Cirkunov!

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