UFC 225 RESULTS: Holly Holm Demolishes Megan Anderson, Hints At Match With Amanda Nunes

Megan Anderson might have been the bigger opponent, but Holly Holm was the clear victor in their three-round battle.

Holm hopped lightly on her feet as Anderson held the center of the cage. Holm threw a huge kick to the body, but Megan returned with a bigger knee.

Holm pressed her much bigger opponent against the cage. Holly threw an elbow. Megan constantly covered Holly’s mouth to push her away, but Holm stayed on her and landed a knee.

With less than two minutes left, the two finally got off the cage. Anderson threw a superman punch but missed. Holm landed a beautiful high kick and then went for a single leg, taking Anderson down after a struggle. She landed on top, but Megan had a half Nelson in. Holm waited it out, though and tried to work in side mount, but Anderson got her long legs around her and prevented any damage.

Holm started off Round 2 with a one-two punch. Holly then threw a front kick and again went for a single. She couldn’t get it this time, though, and pressed Megan against the cage.

The two broke away. Holm landed a right then a side kick, but Megan chased her around the perimeter.

Holly took Anderson down, landing in side control and holding the left arm, possibly thinking about going for a Kimura.

Holm landed some big shots to the side of Anderson’s head, then went for full mount and landed two big shots before maneuvering for an arm triangle position. She gave up on it, but followed up with a flurry of punches. Anderson threw her legs over, but wasn’t able to defend for long. Holly dropped some huge elbows on Megan before the round ended.

Round 2 was all Holly Holm.

Round 3 and Anderson must have known she was in trouble. Holly landed some quick punches, but Megan landed a big right that looked like it almost took Holly off of her feet.

Holm went for a takedown, but couldn’t get anything. Again, Anderson found herself against the cage. Holm landed some hooks on her before taking Megan down and landed in Anderson’s half guard. Holly then moved to mount and landed a fight. She then grabbed an arm and looked like she was thinking about an armbar.

Holm then hopped off Anderson and the fight went back to standing. Holm landed a front kick to the body before taking Megan down for a fourth time.

Holm pulled out of Anderson’s half guard and easily went into full mount. Holm then pounded away on Megan and continued to hold her down. Holm ended the match with a guillotine attempt.

Though happy with her victory in Featherweight division, Holm said the Bantamweight strap was calling her name a little more.

Could we see Holm versus Nunes in the near future? If so, who’s going to be able to challenge Cyborg for the Featherweight belt?


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