UFC 269: Ryan Hall Wins Unanimous Decision With Superior Grappling

Ryan Hall put on a clinic as he grappled his way to a Unanimous Decision victory. 

In Round 1, Ryan Hall was relaxed entering with bruises from cupping on his back. The fighters felt each other out for a minute before Hall rolled for a leg and locked an outside ashi, but Minner frees the knee and they both stand up. Hall rolls again, gets Minner’s heel revealed, attempts a heel hook but uses it to come on top. Minner grabs a single leg and Hall sits in full guard, looks for an armbar, Minner backs out and stands up.  Big uppercut from minner, hall tries to roll, both stand-up, .heel hook lots of scrambles. Hall on top in half guard. Minner goes to lockdown and holds Hall’s head down to break the posture. Hall lands ground and pound tries to pass. Round ends. 

Round 2

Hall gets rocked. Rolls to leg pops up for triangle, pulls full guard. goes triangle, almost gets an armbar, Minner picks him up and drops him to escape and hall goes back to full guard. locks up triangle, lands vicious elbows. Rolls to an omoplata variation and lands more punch to the head.

Booth announcers praising Hall, DC didn’t know what he was doing.

Round 3

Hall comes out showing off some kicks, Minner rushes with a flurry of punches, Hall rolls, and lands in a triangle. Goes to full guard. Grabs a leg and locks a deep heel hook, can’t get the tap, and comes on top secures a full mount with 3 minutes left in the round. Minner holds Hall down with head and arm control. Hall attempts a head and arm choke.. 130 left in the fight. Hall gets a head and arm choke and keeps landing body shots before locking his hand. Doesn’t go for a choke, just uses position to control. Fans boo.

Overall judges scored it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-27 for a Unanimous Victory. Hall racked up 7 submissions attempts and 5:37 of control time as he outscored Minner 163 to 56 in total strikes.


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