Ruotolo Brothers Decline Close Out – Battle Each Other For Gold At IBJJF Worlds

The Ruotolo Brothers delivered on their promise to not close out at IBJJF Worlds this Friday, as they faced each other in the championship round of the brown belt division.

The twins stayed true to their exciting styles and didn’t hold back at all, putting on a show for fans. Tye was able to secure the gold with a win over Kade via Armbar. 

It has become common practice for two grapplers of the same team to “close out” a division if they make it to the finals together. That is, they agree upon who the winner is and don’t actually compete for the finals. Many spectators and competitors have spoken against this practice, including the Ruotolo Brothers.

Day 3 of IBJJF Worlds can be streamed on 


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