UFC Employees Robbed At Gunpoint Near Hotel In Rio

A group of UFC employees were robbed at gunpoint near their hotel in Rio.

Brett Okamoto of ESPN tweeted:

According to Sherdog, the incident happened while the group was relaxing at a table near the beach. The crime occurred just hours before the UFC 224 weigh-ins.

“This guy walked up beside me, he came up on my left side and I just looked over at him. Then he just pulled out this hand gun that had an extended magazine, and then he just put it up in my face, and then he grabbed my phone,” one of the victims told TMZ. He said that the robber had accomplices and they robbed the other people at the table, as well. While many of the victims were understandably shaken up, no one was hurt.

The man being interviewed said the UFC was very supportive.

You can watch his interview below:


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