UFC Fighter Kevin Holland Chases And Stops Alleged Carjacker: “Little Sweep, Get On Top, Knee On Belly, A Little Khabib Scarf Hold”

Kevin Holland has been busy these last few days.

After suffering a knockout from an unintentional headbutt during his UFC this past saturday, Holland returned home to Texas to subdue an alleged carjacker in his neighborhood. Speaking with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Holland said, 

“I didn’t really stop him, because he got the car and the car was wrecked. But yeah, I caught up to him.. Some guy comes zooming out of the parking lot and a guy is running behind him like, ‘Yo, he stole my car!’ So I was like, ‘yo, I’ve been quarantined for a week, I didn’t get to finish my fight, so let’s go have a little fun… Instead of calling the cops, I call my coach, and I’m like ‘Aye, this guy is driving through your neighborhood and he just stole a car, you should cut him off and we can catch him’ and he’s like ‘alright, bet.’… So I’m telling him the streets… BOOM, the guy hits a little trailer… that totals the car, then the guy gets out.. I pull up behind and he runs off… So I’m chasing down after him… Then I hit him with a little sweep, get on top, knee on belly, hit him with a little Khabib scarf-hold. He was like ‘I can’t breathe’. So that’s when I picked him up, put him on the curb. I didn’t wanna be like the cop with the ‘I can’t breathe’ guy. So I was like f— it, put him over here.”

Holland’s coach, Coach Shug, arrived just after Holland restrained the suspect and posted videos of the incident on his instagram story @cdpowertrain.


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