Dana White On McGregor Fighting For The UFC Again: ‘I Don’t Know’

On Friday morning, the UFC issued an official statement echoing Dana White’s candid remarks immediately following the attack.

Read the full release below:

Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that they haven’t just officially released that he’s fired? I’m not sure what they’re “working on” at this point. Seems to me like Dana isn’t quite ready to give up on the paycheck that comes with McGregor’s name.

The official statement can be found here.

In an interview with Get Up! White was asked if he could see Conor McGregor fighting for the UFC again. His answer: I don’t know.

Dana White After Conor McGregor Incident

"You don't get my help on this one."Dana White tells the Get Up crew he's not going out of his way for Conor McGregor after the incident at UFC 223 media day.

Posted by ESPN on Friday, April 6, 2018



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