Grappler Shows Up To Weigh-In With Rubber Chicken, Gets It Thrown At Him

The Jiu-Jitsu Times very own Emil Fischer is known for putting on a show before, during, and after the matches.

With his interesting choice of clothing…

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… and his love of generating controversy, the six-foot-plus purple belt from Ohio cannot be ignored.

Emil will be taking on Adam Sadny today at Fight To Win Pro 69 in Cleveland, and at the weigh-ins for the event, he chose not to come alone. Instead, he brought a rubber chicken with him. Fischer took the chicken out and held it out by its neck while being weighed. He then choked the chicken (in both senses of the phrase) before handing it to his opponent. Sadny smiled, then batted the chicken into the audience. Someone, however, threw it back at Emil. After getting his chicken back, Fischer continued with the adult humor and put the chicken between his legs.

This may be the most interesting weigh-in in the history of grappling.


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