UFC Veteran Cindy Dandois Left With Broken Nose & Lacerations After Alleged Attack From Ex-Boyfriend

UFC, Bellator, and Invicta veteran Cindy Dandois was left with significant injuries after allegedly being attacked by her ex-boyfriend at her house on Friday, according to Het Laatste Niews (HLN).

Dandois, who is Belgian, told HLN, “An ex of mine couldn’t believe we were apart and I just wanted to go through life as friends. Jealousy, then. He had been threatening me for a while, but I didn’t take those threats seriously. Until he stood at my door.”

The publication reports that witnesses saw the alleged attacker using a key to harm Dandois, who escaped the encounter with a broken nose and a cut that she says required seven stitches. Dandois says that her alleged attacker had threatened her and that she “should have taken the threats seriously from the beginning,” but hoped that her ex would “cool down.” She also says that although her MMA training helped protect her from further harm, the surprising nature of the reported attack prevented her from stopping it.

Dandois has filed a report for the incident, but says her main concern is that her medical bills are paid and that she doesn’t need to see her alleged attacker get put behind bars. “We are all people. We all make mistakes. I hope he sees them, pays for what he has done, and picks up his life again. And leave me alone, of course… I am not a pathetic victim who cries in a corner. It’s tough, but I’m still here. Fortunately. This could have ended differently.”

Dandois, who is also a teacher, has had to pull out of her scheduled fight at Fightclub Den Haag this week due to her injuries. She insists, however, that she’ll be ready for the next event, which takes place in three weeks.

Sorry to announce I will be out of my fight this weekend at Fightclub Den Haag 😔7 stitches and a broken nose are the reason for that.Pray for a good and quick recovery.I will be back 😭💔

Posted by Cindy Dandois on Friday, November 22, 2019


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