The US Submission Grappling League Has Some Killer Summer Events

There has never been a more exciting time for grappling competitors and fans of professional submission events.

The Jiu-jitsu Times talked with Blair Green, the organizer of the upcoming US Submission Grappling League, about the USSGL Deep Waters Invitational and events the USSGL have coming up in August.

Here is what he had to say.

JJT: Blair can you tell us about what the USSGL has planned in the upcoming events?

BG: Saturday Aug 11, we are doing an 8-man and 8-women sub-only tournament.  EBI rule set.  This will be on the Broadway Pier in San Diego, California.  Winners are taking home $1000 each.

That same night we will have two super fights including the Danaher Death Squad’s Crelinsten and Tesla vs two of California’s finest, including Baret Yoshida. Each winner will take home $1000.

That event is called the USSGL Deep Waters Invitational.

Then on Sunday Aug 13th we’re hosting the SD Midway Open, which is a sub-only gi and no-gi tournament. This is everything from the little kids to some gnarly black belt competitors.  Winners of the absolute divisions will take home $500 each.

Later that night on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier we will have two more super fights with Olympic Silver medalist Stephen Abas vs 10th Planet standout Marvin Castelle, and then the ladies go at it with 10th Planet’s Lynn Vuong taking on Rachael Cummins for Gracie Fighter.   All of our superfights will be nationally televised as part of the Bushido Battleground show.  We’re so pumped about what’s happening with the sport.  We’re giving out more than $7,000 in cash prizes and bringing national television exposure to the athletes.

JJT: What is the Bushido Battleground show?

The Bushido Battleground is an international martial arts show that will air in over 40 countries.  We’re pumped to be a part of the El Rey Network here in the states.   We’ve got three different episodes featuring some of the most talented and interesting personalities in the grappling world.  Our objective is to share the art, lifestyle, and caliber of the athletes doing what we love.

JJT: What is the spirit of the USSGL in putting on these events?

BG: I’ll tell you, for us it’s a labor of love.  It’s a team effort and we’ve got tons of support from the community.  We’ve been focused on getting more exposure for the sport.  The other thing we’re doing is creating environments that are both fun and have more of an event feel.  I mean we’re literally doing matches on an aircraft carrier.  You know…we’ve got world famous DJs spinning, beer sponsors, and a 21 and over VIP area.  It’s just different and we hope people like what we’re doing.



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