Use These Exercises To Cool Down & Soften Your Hips After Training BJJ

Today I’m sharing a set of exercises from the familiar 90/90 position. Whereas in the last post we activated before training, these are designed to use the warmth and neural drive we obtained from our training session. This will allow us to “sink” deeper into the position and allow our nervous systems to consolidate these positions for “motor” or “muscle memory.”

Rationale of 90/90 Post Training

This is where I like to do more of the passive holds and really focus on sinking into the stretch. This is where we’re turning the nervous system down. I couple this with the “90/90 grooves” to bring movement to the position and allow for us to move through our outer ranges of motion and “encode” it into our motor memory.

It’s also a good way to slow our nervous system down. And after having peaked our nervous system from the prep work pre-training and then doing jiu-jitsu or whatever intense activity, we must consciously rev the engine down so we can rest and recover. This allows our nervous system to solidify these positions to memory.

Game Plan

I will cover each exercise in order below and give you recommended sets and reps for a 10-minute hip cool down.

Basic 90/90 Setup

  • First off we must keep a 90-degree angle between the calf and hamstring of both legs
  • Next, our back shin must be parallel to our front thigh and our back thigh parallel to our front shin
  • This is the classic “90/90”
  • Before doing any end range isometrics or movements we recline back to allow a passive stretch to open and begin communicating to the tissue
  • Perform this passively for 1.5 to 2 minutes then switch sides

90/90 Groove

  • Same position as above
  • Connect and bring awareness to the pinky toe of the back leg
  • Seek to lift the knee of the back leg completely off the ground as you flatten your entire foot on the ground beginning with the pinky toe
  • Seek to do the movement slow and controlled
  • Perform 10 reps and then go back to 1st exercise
  • Perform sequence 2 to 3 times

Final Considerations

Remember this is our time to downregulate from training. Focus on relaxing and quality of movement. We aren’t seeking the tension we had from some of the previous 90/90 exercises.

We want to bridge the gap between intense training and recovery by performing movements that will lead to our body performing better!

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