No Workout Equipment? No Problem. Use Your Gi To Help With These Ab Exercises

If you’re one of the people who didn’t have any kettlebells or weights at home before the coronavirus outbreak began, you may have found yourself out of luck if you wanted to do anything other than cardio or bodyweight workouts. With so many stores being closed and a lot of people deciding to take up an exercise habit in quarantine, it’s been hard to even find workout equipment, and if your income has been affected by the pandemic, justifying the additional expense might be impossible even if you were able to find it.

Thankfully, Gracie Barra black belt Vanessa Waltz has provided a solution for those of us who want to maintain our abs (or just make them a bit firmer under our quarantine bellies). Waltz has shared a few ab exercises that you can do anywhere with floor space and your gi and belt. The extra bit of weight from the heavy fabric can add more of a challenge to your bodyweight ab workouts… and yeah, maybe it’ll make you a bit nostalgic for jiu-jitsu.

Check it out below, and make sure to follow Vanessa for more workout and BJJ demos:

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Posted by Vanessa Waltz on Sunday, April 26, 2020


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