Vagner Rocha Defeats AJ Agazarm In Overtime At ADCC West Coast Trial Finals

Vagner Rocha got some revenge against his bitter rival, AJ Agazarm, at today’s ADCC West Coast Trials.

Rocha defeated Agazarm via decision in overtime.

The overwhelming majority of the match saw both men standing and trying to push through each other with their fingers interlocked and their heads pressed up against each other.

About four minutes in, AJ hit a single and Rocha went down to his butt, but he held on to AJ’s arm. A vicious scramble ensued, with Rocha trying to crank for a kimura and AJ rolling out.

This seemed to have been the tale of the match: AJ went in for takedown, Vagner grabbed an arm and tried for a kimura, then AJ rolled out.

By the end of the match, not one point was scored, but the judges gave the victory to Rocha.


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