Bruno Frazatto Defeats Geo Martinez Via Points At ADCC West Coast Trials Super Fight

Bruno Frazatto defeated Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez today at the ADCC West Coast Trials via points.

The overwhelming majority of the first half of the match saw Freakazoid utilizing his half guard and Frazatto trying to smash past it.

At one point, Martinez locked in a tight leg lock. A lesser man would have tapped, but Frazatto held on and rolled out.

About ten minutes in, Bruno finally passed Geo’s guard. Martinez, however, rolled into turtle. Frazatto tried to take Geo’s back, but the two rolled out of bounds. The referee put them back in the center, but Geo disputed the positioning, and the ref stood them back up.

Almost 3/4 of the way through the match, Bruno scored the first points via a double leg takedown. Minutes later, he added three more points by passing guard.

Geo tried to use his half guard and managed to get a heel hook, but there wasn’t enough time to get a tap.

Winner by points, Bruno Frazatto!!!


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